Rates & Hours

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30 minute massage: $50

45 minute massage: $65

60 minute massage: $85

75 minute massage: $100

90 minute massage: $115

Prenatal Massage available in 30, 45 & 60 minute sessions, same pricing as above.

Intuitive Chakra-Based Energy Healing: Tapping into the divinity within and around us, we work together toward your highest and greatest good: $80-$150 for 60-120 minutes.

Custom-tailored Anusara yoga therapy – 75 minutes: $55 – props are provided

Add-ons available by request (no extra cost):

Gentle Energetic Balancing

Lastone Therapy – Hot/Cold Stones (ratio of hot to cold is tailored to each individual & also depends on the season).

Neuromuscular Therapy/Trigger Point Release (frequently referred to as “Deep-Tissue” an expertly-applied layer-by-layer approach to releasing those deep knots)

Aromatherapy – Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils used in 100% pure jojoba, fractionated coconut oil; applied topically &/or diffused into the air.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques


Craniosacral Therapy

Hours are by appointment:

Tuesday 11:30-5:00

Wednesday & Thursday 12:00-7:00

Friday 10:00-5:00

Saturday 12-5:00

To schedule a session, please use the button at the top of the page. For a free consultation, please call (607) 793-3159, or e-mail evie@bellastonemassage.com. 

I will do my best to respect your time, so please respect mine!  Appointments canceled or rescheduled within 24-hours of original appointment time are subject to a $45 fee.


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