LaStone Therapy ~ Hot (& Cold) Stone Massage

Stone temperatures are chosen based on each individual’s health and season. Is it cold out? More hot stones! Is it hot out? More cold stones! Either way, it’s amazing! Have you experienced the long-lasting, detoxifying, inflammation-reducing, rejuvenating benefits of hot and cold stone massage yet?  If you have yet to experience LaStone Therapy by a skilled therapist, this is the time.  Feel free to email or call for a free consultation.

Visit the LaStone Therapy website to learn more 

Massage Therapy | Trumansburg, NY

My name is Evie Bellinger.  I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2004.  My office is located at 15 East Main St, Suite 6 in the “Second Story Studios”, on the same block as Gimme Coffee and Good to Go.  I am honored to offer Massage Therapy and Energetic Healing to the Trumansburg – Ithaca Community. Office hours are by appointment, chair massage available for your events.

To schedule, call (607) 793-3159 or E-MAIL me directly.

With over 12 years of professional experience, I specialize in custom-tailored, expertly woven sessions to suit each individual’s goals and needs. My techniques include: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, LaStone Therapy (Hot & Cold Stone Massage), Energetic Balancing, Reflexology, Shiatsu-inspired techniques, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, & Craniosacral Therapy. I offer “homework” to empower you in-between our sessions. Frequent suggestions include: dietary exploration, supplementation, stretching techniques, adequate hydration, self-massage, what to discuss with your doctor(s)/other therapist(s), & other complementary therapies to consider.